How RazorTop achieved a 61% conversion rate

Fox Products used the 101PRO app to offer their customers simple installation instructions for the RazorTop product.

When our client started selling RaZorTop, they initially used a B2B model for  the installation of the RaZorTop as the process was thought to be too complex for customers without a very detailed Installation Guide. By using 101PRO to create Installation Instructions, our client was able to use words, pictures, and videos, opening the opportunity to sell B2C. The step-by-step, hands-free walkthrough instructions have simplified the entire installation process for their customers.


“I created the how-to's - which was extremely easy! I love the fact that if we want to update, add or change a step, it is so easy to do.  Versus having to either reshoot a full video or try our hand at editing a video!!  It has also dramatically reduced the number of phone calls from end users asking questions as to how to install the RaZorTop.”

– Lisa L, Fox Products Operations/Marketing Manager

“I've spoken to many of our customers and even customers that have not yet purchased our product and all of them say that the Installation Instructions (via 101PRO) are very detailed and easy to follow.  I have also given interested parties access to the application so they can see for themselves how easy it is to install the RaZorTop with the use of 101PRO.”

– Installation provider

“Customer support from 101Pro has been excellent. Our requested feature upgrades have always been attended to in a timely manner. On the few occasions that technical issues have arisen they have been addressed immediately.”

– Michael S, Founder/Product Engineer

“The White Label Feature of 101Pro allowed RaZorTop to seamlessly integrate our tailor-made "How To's" into our website and gave us the added bonus of our own APP for both Android and iOS. This proved to provide a major boost to our overall brand appeal for a minimal cost compared to us developing our own dedicated custom APP.”

– Lisa L, Fox Products Operations/Marketing Manager

What is RazorTop?

Razortop takes your truck bed to the next level. Literally.

The RaZorTop features the world’s first RaZable tonneau cover/retractable cap. It works on hundreds of truck make & models – with new trucks being added to our lineup all the time.

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